I would like to share my work from the Design Bootcamp course by the School of Motion, instructed by Michael Fredrick. I completed several projects and had the opportunity to focus purely on design, without worrying about the technical aspects of Motion Design. This course allowed me to enhance my work practice and refine my design skills.
Urban Freestyle
I was tasked with creating the opening titles for a street dance competition show on Fox channel. Drawing inspiration from the vibrant Tokyo nightlife, I incorporated the iconic Tokyo City signage and colours into my design.
Expedition 100
For this task, our objective was to develop graphics for a promotional video intended for Nasa and Fox TV. The brief asked us to devise a treatment for the footage and typography. `i presented two different visual concepts.
Final designs
On The Horror- 12K
We were given another assignment in the horror genre, which involved creating transitions and title treatment using images from the trailer.
Diesel Dance Planet
The task at hand was to produce a promotional film for a music festival that is sponsored by Diesel.
Final designs
Converse Logo Reveal
Our goal was to create an impactful logo reveal that could serve as an effective ending for promotional videos. We aimed to leave a lasting impression on the audience with a short and powerful message. To achieve this, we utilized lifestyle images and 3D typography for visual appeal.

Other projects